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    Hello there LimeMC fans!

    We decided to make a list of who you need to contact when you have a certain problem. Please read this list carefully so our staff team can help you as quickly as possible.

    In general
    When you encounter a problem while playing, you should check if there are any staff members in the gamemode you are in. (use TAB) They might be able to help you or can forward your problem to a staff member that can help you.
    If you contact a staff member in-game, please send him a private message using the following format:
    /msg <staff_member_ign> <short_description_of_your_problem>

    Do not spam staff members, our chat moves quite quickly so we don't always see your PM but we are also busy people, only send your PM once every 10 seconds!

    If there is no staff member in-game
    When there is no staff member online, you will need to send a staff member a private message on our discord server or our forums or you can create a post in one of our forum sections.
    Discord: discord.limeMC.net
    Pm on forums: https://www.limemc.net/index.php?conversations/add

    Now, the question is: "Who do I send that PM?/Where do I post my problem,"
    To answer that question, just select your problem below and you will receive all the info you need.
    If you think you were falsely banned, you can appeal by clicking here.
    Make sure you include the following info:
    • Your IGN
    • A screenshot of your ban page
    • Why we should unban you (4 sentences)
    If we ban you on discord, we give you a temporary timeout rank, this rank will disappear automatically when your ban is lifted. If you do want to appeal though, you can send @Mmaarten a pm on discord with why you want to get unbanned.
    If you are permanently banned (aka really banned) PM mmaarten using his tag: mmaarten#1769
    Chat reports go here
    Hacker reports go here
    Make sure :
    • You add VALID proof (video for hacking, screenshot or video for chat) that is FULLSCREEN
    • The name of the rule offender is clearly visible
    • If you keep abusing the report function, you will recieve the punishment that the offender would have gotten.
    Bug reports go here
    It would help us a ton if you could provide:
    • A video of the bug (or a screenshot if it is a typo or something like that )
    • A location (example: Skyblock; island of Mmaarten; X, Y, Z)
    • your OS, minecraft version and your installed mods
    We kindly redirect you to this guide for all your donation / store problems
    If you donate to our server, you also get a donator rank on our lovely Discord server. There are 2 ways to claim this reward: Send a PM to @MyNameIsCaptain with your transaction ID that you can find in the email that you got after your transaction or ask a moderator or up in-game to add your rank (If we see you have a rank in-game, we have enough proof to give you the rank in discord )

    If you somehow lost your rank (leaving the discord server, getting kicked, ....) pm @Mmaarten and everything will be fine ;)

    If you have a problem that is not listed here, please contact a trainee, helper or moderator; they will review your problem and forward it to the correct staff member.

    Kind regards,
    The LimeMC staff team

    This thread may change at any time! We suggest you check this thread every so often
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