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  1. SenpaiRie

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    I (the smexy senpai) want everyones journey on skyblock to be as fun as possible! I decided that i wanted to help everyone who just started skyblock. This will just be a quick guide for all the new players!

    What is skyblock?
    Skyblock is a survival type gamemode. the objective is to complete as many challenges as possible and become the player(s) with the highest island level, while being careful not to fall off your island! you need to collect a limited amount of resources that come with your island (wood, dirt, saplings, water, lava) while collecting money to gain more. the more resources you get, the better your skyblock experiences will be. you can either play skyblock solo, or create an island with other people.

    What commands await me on this server?
    Once you have joined skyblock, you can begin with the command /is help. this gives you a list of all the commands you can do on your island. here is the list.
    /is - start an island or teleport to your island
    /is go - teleport to your island
    /is controlpannel or cp [on/off] - open the island GUI
    /is reset - restart your island and permanently remove the other one
    /is sethome - set your teleport point for /is go
    /is level - calculate and display your island level
    /is level <player name> - see another players island level
    /is name <name> - set a name for your island
    /is top - see the top 10 ranked islands
    /is minishop or ms - opens the minishop
    /is value - see island level value of a block in your hand
    /is warps - list pf all available welcome-sign warps.
    /is warp <player name> - teleport to a players welcome sign
    /is team - view your team information
    /is invite <player name> - invite a player to join your island (please note that this is at your OWN risk)
    /is leave - leave another players island
    /is kick <player name> - removes an invited player from your island
    /is <accept/reject> - accept or reject an invitation
    /is makeleader <player name> - transfer the island to selected player
    /is teamchat - turn on/off team chat
    /is biomes - open biomes GUI
    /is expel <player name> - force a player from your island
    /is ban <player name> - ban a player from your island
    /is banlist - list of banned players
    /is unban <player name> - unban a player from your island
    /is coop <player name> - give a player full access to your island (please note that this is at your OWN risk)
    /is uncoop <player name> - remove full access from a player
    /is listcoops - list coop players
    /is lock - locks your island so no one can visit (type the same command for your island to be UNLOCKED)
    /is resetname - reset your island name
    /is settings - see island protection and game settings
    /c - show challenges
    /is lang <#> - select language
    /shop - open the shop GUI
    /spawn - teleport to the spawn
    /hub - teleport to main lobby
    /rules - displays ingame rules (you MUST follow)
    (may be more)

    How do i begin?
    you always begin your skyblock experience with the command /is, choose an island that suits you the best and begin your journey. the simple way is to break the tree that spawns on your island with you. make sure you collect your sapling, so you can regrow the tree. next is to make an infinite water source, simply mine an are of 2x2 and put ice from your chest in each corner. break the ice and you will have an everlasting amount of water. next is to make a cobble stone generator, this can be done by using an image, or watch a video. (different ores spawn due to a plugin in the server). from that, you can AFK mine cobble stone by holding left click and unplugging your mouse. collect cobblestone and expand your island. go back to collecting cobble and make a simple mob farm to make money - shown here you can have more than 1 layer for more mobs and more money. the rest, is entirely up to you... its your adventure.

    I saw a player, using black-listed modifications to gain an unfair advantage at the game; what do i do?
    coming across a cheater is nothing to worry about. spamming the words "HACKER, HACKER, BAN THEM" will only make the situation worse. simply use the command /msg <player> to tell a member of staff where the hacker is, what the hacker is doing, and their IGN. if you cant find a member of staff, then take a screen shot OR recording of the player and post it on the "report a player" section on the forums. this also applies with someone breaking a chat rule (/rules).

    I was banned, what do i do now?!
    if you were banned, then it was because you were breaking an ingame rule, or maybe you were false banned because a staff member thought you were hacking. you can make an unban appeal on the forums. claiming it was a false ban, when you were hacking will fix nothing, and will only make the situation worse. remember, your ban is a punishment for you breaking a rule. do not attempt to ban evade, this will only increase your ban, or making the ban permanent.

    I hope this helped all the new players of LimeMC. this was only made within the space of 30 mins, so there is a lot of things missing. if you have a suggestion for this thread, then leave it below, and i will add it ASAP.
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    Nice very helpful ^-^ :thumbs_up::D
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    tldr: make farms and grind away untill you're is top 1

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