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    It is never fun to encounter someone who does not behave in a normal way but there is a solution! In this section of our forums, you can report players that cannot behave themself in-game. (Gameplay reports only, chat reports go here)
    Our report team will handle your report as soon as possible but to make it a little easier for them, we ask you to follow the following format:

    Your in game name


    Offenders in game name

    Reason for reporting the player
    Includes but is not limited to:
    • PvP hacks (if possible, try to specify with what hacks you think the player is using)
      • KillAura
      • Speed
      • AntiKnockBack
      • FastEat
      • NoSlowDown
      • BowAimBot
      • AutoPot
      • AutoArmor
      • AutoEat
      • AutoCrit
      • Fly
      • Teleportation
      • Godmode
      • FastRegen
      • VClip
      • Other PvP hacks
    • Gameplay hacks (these hacks are not always that obvious so be carefull!)
      • FullBright
      • FreeCam
      • NoClip
      • Other gameplay hacks
    • Scamming
    • Other
    PLEASE NOTE : Special rules apply to scamming, check the following spoiler before reporting someone for scamming.
    Scamming is allowed between game modes that both allow scamming. You are not allowed to scam between game modes that do not both allow scamming!
    The following game modes allow scamming:
    • Factions
    Scamming is allowed on the above-listed game modes. You are however not allowed to scam with hard currency*, nor is it allowed to fake ranks.

    *hard currency is real money, ingame money is soft-currency and scamming with soft currency does not apply to this rule.
    When reporting, please use one of the underlined parts to indicate your reason

    A screenshot/video that is fullscreen
    Please post a link to the screenshot/video instead of the file itself. Screenshots are not enough when you are reporting someone for PvP-hacks or gameplay hacks! Videos should be as smooth as possible. We suggest using lightshot for your screenshots.

    Factions, spawn

    You can copy this:
    My ign:
    Offenders ign:

    My ign: @Mmaarten
    Offenders ign: @MyNameIsCaptain
    Reason: Fly
    Proof: screenshot

    • Your proof is not gathered from the server
    • The (real)name of the offender is not visible in your proof (/nick names are no proof!)
    • Your proof is not fullscreen
    • The offender is the server owner (there is no point in reporting the owners :/ )
    • The offender is a staff member (please contact a moderator or admin to report a staff member)
    • The "offender" did not break any of our rules
    • The reporter does not have report rights (in some very special cases, we revoke the permission to report people. If that is the case, all your reports will be denied)
    • The offender was already punished by a staff member on game or another report (we use the report system as a database so we cannot accept two reports for one offense)
    • Your video is to laggy to use as proof
    • We are not sure if the player is hacking or not, it can always be bad ping
    • ...
    Last updated: 17/07/2017

    Thank you for reading through all of this. Feel free to hit @Mmaarten with a PM if you feel like he made a terrible mistake here (He is a human too guys, or is he....) :eek:
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