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    -----------------------------------------------------------"Factions Raiding Tips"---------------------------------------------
    Tip#1:[​IMG] as you can see in this Image there is a thingy on top named E:0/25 something in E:1 means there is a player/mob/item amount of them are in the chuck so if there is a underground base with spawners you can easily find them by doing that if there like E:7/25 means there is a spawner down there or a base.

    Tip#2: "Cannoning" is a big thing in factions you have know how to cannon in order to raid someones surface base or underground base that is claimed some of you guys are wondering welp we can just easily mine though the walls, Welp you can't ;) You can't place/break blocks in someones claim
    only faction members can do that,So how to make a cannon really good but [​IMG] You don't want to build that....:cool: so you can make a simple cannon like this [​IMG] its doesn't take alot of time to build or takes alot of redstone its easy to build you can raid simple bases with it.
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thats all the tips i can give in a forum post it says shorten it i had like 5 tips but 2 tips only cause of the website Have a nice day guys!

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