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    It is never fun to encounter someone who does not behave in a normal way but there is a solution! In this section of our forums, you can report players that cannot behave themself in the in-game or discord chat.
    Our report team will handle your report as soon as possible but to make it a little easier for them, we ask you to follow the following format:

    Your in game name/discord id (name#0000)

    Mmaarten or Mmaarten#1769

    Offenders in game name/discord id
    MyNameIsCaptain or MyNameIscaptain#9007

    Reason for reporting the player
    Includes but is not limited to:
    • Advertising other servers (ip or name)
    • Impersonating staff (all usernames that sound/look like a staff members username are NOT allowed)
    • Impersonating players (NOTE: someone with the username Iamawesome is not being impersonated by Iamawesometoo but if the usernames are almost the same, its impersonating)
    • Spamming alone is not enough as reason, please specify with one of the arguments below
      • Character spam (one message contains a lot of symbols, numbers or letters that don't form words: "€(×&#&"&#*,×&"; "737288a837e"; "Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiks iiiiiiiiiiiiiiis spaaaaaaaaaaam toooooooooooo")
      • Capital spam (one message contains a lot of capitals or they are located in weird places: "THIS IS CAPS SPAM"; "I reAlLy LiKe thE SPaM in ThiS PoSt")(EXCEPTION: messages like this:"MMAARTEN ?" Are allowed if the capitals are in the username itself.)
      • Message spam (this is basically posting messages to fast)
      • Repeat spam (one message posted over and over again without any (or with very little) changes)
      • Other spam (if you feel like something is spam but is not listed above, set the reason to "Other spam"
    • Inappropriate username (anything you feel is inappropriate as username)
    • Having a staff/builder tag in your username (!Discord only!)
    • Swearing
    • General rudeness
    • Staff disrespect
    • Player disrespect
    • Server disrespect
    • Other (set the reason to other if the offense is not listed above)
    When reporting, please use one of the underlined parts to indicate your reason

    A screenshot/video that is fullscreen
    Please post a link to the screenshot/video instead of the file itself. We suggest using lightshot for your screenshots.

    Factions, spawn OR Discord, main chat

    You can copy this:
    My ign:
    Offenders ign:

    My ign: @Mmaarten
    Offenders ign: @MyNameIsCaptain
    Reason: capital spam
    Proof: screenshot

    • Your proof is not gathered from the server
    • The (real)name of the offender is not visible in your proof (/nick names are no proof!)
    • Your proof is not fullscreen
    • The offender is the server owner (there is no point in reporting the owners :/ )
    • The offender is a staff member (please contact a moderator or admin to report a staff member)
    • The "offender" did not break any of our rules (NOTE: some gamemodes have special rules: trash talking is allowed on factions for example! check the rules to make sure you are not reporting legal behavior)
    • The reporter does not have report rights (in some very special cases, we revoke the permission to report people. If that is the case, all your reports will be denied)
    • The offender was already punished by a staff member on game or another report (we use the report system as a database so we cannot accept two reports for one offense)
    • ...

    Thank you for reading through all of this. Feel free to hit @Mmaarten with a PM if you feel like he made a terrible mistake here (He is a human too guys, or is he....) :eek:
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